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Fraud Alert

January 21, 2019

Like many other reputable entities operating in the financial services industries, Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP and the names of our partners or staff may be used in connection with fraudulent schemes. These scams are constantly changing and may involve fraudulent emails, letters or phone calls. We have also been made aware of websites of “clone firms” that claim to be Charterhouse and offer fraudulent investment products to the general public. We have had reports of these being found while searching for investment opportunities online, including most recently a fraudulent “clone firm” that claims to sell non-existent Volkswagen AG bonds with a coupon rate of 5.125%. These websites make use of the Charterhouse logo, office address, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) registration number and are known to use the names and biographies of existing Charterhouse personnel to lend legitimacy to their fraudulent offers. Charterhouse does not offer investment products to the general public and would not contact members of the general public to invest in its funds. In addition, the only legitimate Charterhouse website is We recommend that whenever you are planning to make an investment in a firm claiming to be FCA regulated you check the firm’s details on and call the firm’s phone number as it appears on the FCA register to ensure you are talking to the real entity. We recommend that you report fraudulent correspondence to your email or telephone provider and do not respond to it. You can also report the incident to the Financial Conduct Authority,  Action Fraud (UK), Federal Trade Commission (US), or your local police service.