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SLR Consulting

SLR Consulting (“SLR”) is a leading global environmental and sustainability advisory business headquartered in the UK. The business specialises in providing bespoke, strategic and technical services requiring significant expertise across the lifecycle of complex asset types and covering a client’s full environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Clients span several sectors including Energy, Built Environment, Industry, Mining & Minerals, Infrastructure, Finance and Power.

SLR operates across six regions – Europe, US, Canada, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa – and has over 2,000 staff in over 100 offices worldwide. SLR’s global footprint has been achieved both organically and through acquisitions, where SLR has an excellent track record, with approximately 20 successfully executed since the start of 2007.





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Charterhouse invested in SLR in 2018, having tracked the business for several years and identifying it as a global pure-play environmental consultancy, with potential to be strategically repositioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for ESG consulting services. Charterhouse has significant experience in the environmental consulting sector through its prior investment in global environmental consultancy ERM, and leveraged its network of industry experts and managers to secure the deal alongside SLR’s management team.

Transformation Under Charterhouse Ownership